Friday, November 4, 2016

Nahuatl - 1975 - Vol. II

Vol. II 

01. Ed, Ed, Ed (bonus) 03:15
02. Explicame 03:04
03. Rock Jarocho 02:49
04. Mi Amor por Ti 04:57
05. Himno al Rock and Roll 05:52
06. Todo y Nada 02:34
07. Explain to Me 03:04
08. No te Voy a Rogar 03:01
09. Nina, Nina 03:15
10. La Probreza 09:37
11. Ya Ni Hablur (bonus) 03:13


 Ramon Torres - Bass, Back Vocals
 Ricardo Ochoa - Vocals, Guitar
 Carlos "Bozo" Vazquez - Drums, Back Vocals

Bonus Tracks:
 Ricardo Ochoa - vocals, bass, guitar and programming
 Julio Moran - drums

Not at all as fun as the first one. This album is more polished, and based on more serenade-like numbers. Gone are the crude charm and the quasi-tough cuteness.

This one is nowhere near as interesting as their first. But it is surprisingly difficult to obtain on the original vinyl. It's somewhat light, fairly commercial rock, featuring some synthesizer, along with guitar, and Spanish vocals. The sound on this CD reissue is quite acceptable, plus the inclusion of the single is also appreciated.

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