Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Moondog - 1978 - H'art Songs

H'art Songs

01. I'm Just A Hop Head 2:42
02. High On A Rocky Ledge 4:25
03. Do Your Thing 3:07
04. Enough About Human Rights 3:35
05. I'm This, I'm That 3:47
06. Aska Me 1:58
07. I'm In The World 3:38
08. Here's To John Wesley Hardin 6:58
09. Choo-Choo Lullaby 5:51
10. Pigmy Pig 3:15

Louis Hardin: vocals, percussion, songwriting, liner notes
Fritz Storfinger: piano

A Moondog collection of a sort of twisted childrens songs in a way.  "Pigmy Pig" starts off the album in a very silly way.  It's pretty unexpected after what I've heard from Moondog's other works.  "Enough about Human Rights" is pretty funny too (I assume it was meant to be).  No matter how silly the songs are, it still shows Moondog's compositional capabilities.  The addition of lyrics, although not completely unusual for Moondog, makes this album unique from many of his other works that are (mostly) instrumental.  His lyrical styles are very similar to his musical styles.

A spiritual successor to "Moondog 2". Though these aren't rounds or canons, Moondog's playful philosophy is on full display in these tunes which come off like a zen master writing nursery rhymes and setting them to music. The man's love of the natural world is apparent in "Pigmy Pig", "High On A Rocky Ledge" and "Enough About Human Rights" and he practically channels Dr. Seuss on cuts like "I'm This, I'm That" and "I'm Just A Hop Head". Gives me a warm n' fuzzy feeling.

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