Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Moondog - 1977 - In Europe

In Europe

01. Viking I 3:00
02. Chaconne In G 4:50
03. Heimdall Fanfare 3:10
04. Romance In G 5:20
05. In Vienna 2:10
06. Chaconne C 2:57
07. Lögründr III 1:15
08. Lögründr XII 2:23
09. Lögründr XIII 2:12
10. Lögründr IV 5:00
11. Lögründr VII 2:05
12. Lögründr XIX (Portrait Of My Mother) 8:22

Louis Hardin: percussion, celesta, ring modulator
Pannonia Quartett: strings
Bertalan Ikrenyi: cello
Klaus König: viola
Gabor Gui: first violin
Ludovik Sandrik: second violin
Guy Carmichael:French horn
Fritz Storfinger: organ

Spacious, otherworldly and strange. This is a pretty hard record to describe, which doesn't detract from how interesting and accomplished it is. Weird, echoey tinkles and bells dominate the first track, Viking 1, which contains the repeating passages and minimalistic sound characteristic of Moondog. In contrast, Chaconne in G is a much warmer and livelier piece, in turn totally different to the solemn, stately march of Heimdall Fanfare. Then it's back to another more intimate piece - the melancholic Romance in G, as sad and heart-rending as Chaconne in G is lively and exuberant.
Then it's back to the tinkly music-box sound with In Vienna - it sounds peculiarly childish and serene. Chaconne in C leaves me quite cold for some reason, and perhaps a little confused.

Then In Europe moves into Logrundr - I'm not sure why these tracks are numbered, especially in such an odd way - 3, 12, 13, 4, 7, 19.
They're all pieces based around a pipe organ, and vary between the sound of III, which is more like Chaconne in G in its fairly joyful tone, and the dark menace of IV and XII.

This album is an oddity - pretty much everything by Moondog is, but it is fantastic.

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