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Machines Have Landed - 1981 - Machines Have Landed

Machines Have Landed 
Machines Have Landed

01. The Conversation
02. Trekies Intro
03. Trekies (We're Not Alone)
04. The Battle
05. Floss
06. Framed
07. Tower Of Glass
08. Windstruck
09. Sundays
10. Mind & Body

Drums – John Persichini, Ralph Friedrich
Guitar – Tony Moretta
Keyboards, Lead Vocals, Guitar – Blaine Selkirk

An obscure Canadian band, which propably came from Ontario, but without much more info around it.The leading figure appeared to be Blaine Selkirk, who sung, played the keyboards and guitar and produced the band's only album ''Part one'' from 1981.Two drummers are in the line-up John Persichini and Ralph Friedrich with Tony Moretta handling the guitar.The album was recorded at the Evolution 2000 Studios in Brampton, Ontario and was released on the unknown, Burlington-based North Shore Records.

The allbum sounds like a Pop/Prog Rock/Theater play with alternative narrations and singing parts, dominated by period synthesizers and drum beats, having a decent instrumental depth with a slightly pompous style and strong influences from British and US Prog Rock from the 70's.The intense singing lines and the pompous use of keyboards come close to some emphatic sections of STARCASTLE, but the symphonic echoes are less pronounced, instead the album has a discreet spacey background, which recall parts of VISITOR 2035's debut.The groovy cuts and the 80's-sounding beats and synths are flirting with what GIZMO were doing at the same time.The most spacey themes come from some nice synth/guitar runs with sequencers in the background, while the slightly distorted vocals are helping also.But you can also draw strong comparisons with bands like TWELFTH NIGHT or compatriots HEADS IN THE SKY in a style that crosses the British Neo Prog territories, using the lines of GENESIS both in vocal and instrumental sections, albeit with an obviously updated sound.Second side is more diverse and convincing with some dramatic tunes and spoken parts, featuring haunting guitar moves and horror-like keys towards the end, which sound a bit more psychedelic and spacey.

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