Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Leon Russell - 1979 - Life And Love

Leon Russell 
Life And Love

01. One More Love Song 4:01
02. You Girl 3:26
03. Struck By Lightning 2:51
04. Strange Love 4:06
05. Life And Love 3:21
06. On The First Day 4:21
07. High Horse 4:41
08. Sweet Mystery 5:13
09. On The Borderline 2:15

Joe Chemay Vocals
Marty Grebb Guitar, Main Personnel, Saxophone, Soloist
Wornell Jones Vocals (Background)
Roger Linn Audio Production, Guitar, Producer
Lena Luckey Vocals (Background)
Jody Payne Guitar, Main Personnel
Francis Pye Vocals (Background)
Bernetta Rand Vocals (Background)
Mickey Raphael Harmonica, Main Personnel
Leon Russell Guitar, Vocals

I love Leon Russell. I would very strongly recommend many of his albums to most people, but I would never direct someone to start here, with this album. If you are already a die-hard Leon Russell fan, you should absolutely not skip this one, but I regretfully agree with the reviewer who mentioned that it sometimes feels like a demo. Several of these songs are outstanding (I've heard other, live versions of some of them that are truly magnificent), but when I listen to this CD, I can't help thinking that there is a drum machine on some of the tracks and that they weren't fully developed. This is an extremely rare feeling when listening to his albums, so I am very surprised by it. I've even considered that perhaps I am mistaken in thinking there is a drum machine on any of these tracks.

Leon Russell is an incredible, highly respectable, one of a kind musician...the absolute best, IMHO. If you aren't familiar with his work yet, you'll have a wonderful time discovering it. I'd say, if you are new to Leon's music, start with the albums "Leon Russell" and "Leon Live." If you love those (and I can't imagine not loving them), then, move onto albums like "Carney," "Leon Russell & the Shelter People," "Will of the Wisp," "Best of Hank Wilson," and "Hank Wilson's Back." When you are in love with those albums, you will be clamoring for more, and you will be ready for Life & Love.

For those that are already huge fans of Leon Russell - if you haven't heard this album yet - by all means, get it!

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