Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kiyoshi Sugimoto - 1971 - Babylonia Wind

Kiyoshi Sugimoto 
Babylonia Wind

01. Babylonia Wind
02. Mrs Darius
03. Rosetta Stone
04. Colasabard Hill
05. Hieroglyph

Kiyoshi Sugimoto_guitar
Takao Uematsu_tenor saxophone
Hideo Ichikawa_organ & piano
Yoshio Ikeda_bass
Motohiko Hino_drums

Very deep rare groove recording including Jazz Rock & Free improvisations, an essential of japanese Jazz originally issue for the Takt Jazz Series from Columbia record. Babylonia Wind is the second solo album performed by Kiyoshi Sugimoto who playing in a Quintet formation featuring the same rhythm section as in his previous LP, Country Dream (1969), with the addition of Hideo Ichikawa (replaces Hiromasa Suzuki) and the saxophonist Takao Uematsu. All tracks are original compositions of Kiyoshi Sugimoto, all arranged by himself.

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