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Joseph Racaille - 1983 - 6 Petites Chansons

Joseph Racaille 
6 Petites Chansons

01. Nous Sommes Des Animaux
02. Bientot, Une Fin
03. Annie La Telie
04. Solo Un Dia
05. Une Joliie Paire
06. A Personne En Particulier

Accordion, Bouzouki – Norbert Aboudarham (tracks: A1 to B1)
Artwork By [Cover] – Chris Cutler, EMT
Clarinet – Nano Peylet (tracks: A3 to B2)
Composed By – Joseph R.
Double Bass [Contrebass] – Pierre Jacquet
Mastered By [Cut] – Tim
Saxophone, Flute – Christoph Baillot (tracks: A1 to B2)
Violin – Bruno Girard
Voice – Choirs Of Guiseppe Racaglie
Voice, Piano, Guitar, Melodica – Joseph Racaille

Notes: Initially included as a special bonus item with subscription copies of Joseph Racaille & Patrick Portella "Les Flots Bleus" LP (RR 16)
Also later included in the "16 Dance Party Smash Hits!" 16x7" box set put out in 1985 as a Re and Recommended 7th Anniversary Commemorative Issue

Joseph Racaille was the R in ZNR, famous in progressive circles for their 1980 album "Traité De Mécanique Populaire" which of course was completely out of the sphere of anything popular and without a doubt remains very much so.  Portella (the N in ZNR?) collaborated with him on the Flots Bleus album with side one composed by P and side two by R.  The former plays clarinet, sometimes constructing ingenious chords in layers, the latter wrote the lyrics and plays the piano.  The combined sound is oddly French with its accordion-like dimensions.  In the EP 6 Petites Chansons on the other hand, we have one Norbert Aboudarham playing the accordion (as well as the Bouzouki, which, for those who don't know like myself, is a Greek mandolin-like stringed instrument).

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