Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gebärväterli -1978 - Im Tal der Emmen

Im Tal der Emmen

01. Ich Bin Der Postillion D'Amour, Aber Meine Uhr Geht Vuur 8:05
02. Der Don Juan Hat Seine Turnschuh' An 5:50
03. Im Tal Der Emmen 5:00
04. Schubi Dubi Kong 7:40
05. Die Angespannte Beziehung Zwischen Einem Schmetterling Und Einer Distel 7:05
06. ...ück Zurückspulen! 5:45

Bass – Friedel Pohrer
Drums, Congas – Yogo Pausch
Flute – Dieter Weberpals
Guitar – Norbert Kirchner
Piano, Organ – Reinhold Weberpals
Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Bassoon – Mandi Riedelbauch
Trombone – Manfred Demetz

The Nuremberg cult band Gebärväterli is not only among connoisseurs and fans in this country known - in England, the US or Japan, you pay for a well-preserved slice "Valley of Emmen" up to 250 euros. Even then, the band developed a very independent version of modern music beyond the usual style borders and categories. After decades to meet  the musicians for the first time in original cast again and play a joint live concert. And that means exciting and above all timeless music. The songs move tonally between Zappa, Soft Machine and embryo . For the few who Gebärväterli know not so good, it should be mentioned that in the cult band of course true cult musician were at work or are:  percussionist Yogo Pausch drummed between the Thilo Wolf Big Band, NC Brown Blue Band or Peter moth Boum revival band pretty much at all, Which seemed percussive. Bassist and guitarist Friedel Pohrer  accompanied many years the English singer-songwriter Kevin Coyne . Flutist Dieter Weberpals played with his band Argile . Also trombonist Manfred Demetz and guitarist and percussionist Norbert Kirchner remained faithful to the music. Mandi Riedelbauch is since the 70s an indispensable artist of Nuremberg jazz scene. And  Reinhold Weberpals  continues to play exciting sounds on the original Hammond organ.

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