Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Father Yod And The Spirit Of '76 - 1974 - Expansion

Father Yod And The Spirit Of '76

01. Expansion (17:50)
02. Expansion (16:48)

- Sunflower Aquarian / Bass
- Octavius Aquarian / Drums
- Djin Aquarian / Guitar
- Father Yod / Vocals

Also credited to Father Yod and the Spirit of 76, and intended as a companion release to the previous album, "Contraction", this is similarly self-indulgent, non-comm male vocal ranting from Father Yod, over somewhat folk-ish mat'l, in one long track spread over 2 sides. This legitimate reissue came in a limited pressing of 500 copies

Not quite as underwhelming as Kohoutek, but it's nowhere near as good as Contraction. Too much of this is friendly, with an overemphasis on piano (though there's some great guitar throughout both sides). Things pick up about halfway through Side 1. Side 2 is a completely incoherent thing that doesn't manage to be interesting for very long before drifting into something different and less exciting, but still has a weird form of atraction for me.

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