Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ex Ovo Pro - 1976 - European Spassvogel

Ex Ovo Pro 
European Spassvogel

01. European Spaßvogel 4:00
02. Mr. & Mrs. Scrooples Lament 3:15
03. What's The Deal 4:42
04. It's Rainin' In My House 4:22
05. Don't Forget The Master 4:13
06. In A Locrian Mood 9:50
07. Happy Sounds 4:05

Bankel, Roland  (guitar)      
Kraus-Hübner, Hans (electric piano, synthesizer)      
Köhler, Max  (bass)      
Pompl, Harald (drums)      
Riedelbauch, Mandi (sax, bassoon, flute)

Yet another fine German fusion band from the late 1970s. Both albums play a typical Eurofusion with melodic wind lines (generally supplied by sax with some flute), some good deep grooves and acid-y guitar solos and some standard late 70's CTI fusion. I could see this being the 5th or 6th Secret Oyster album if that makes sense. At its best, similar to groups like Missus Beastly or the Canterbury scene.

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