Saturday, November 26, 2016

Castle Canyon - 2009 - Gods Of 1973

Castle Canyon 
Gods Of 1973

01. The Mighty Arp (5:14)
02. Gods of 1973 (4:30)
03. Random Gates (0:22)
04. Canoeing on the River Styx (7:29)
05. Bombs Away (3:30)
06. Fjordic Njord (1:23)
07. Triskaidekaphobia (12:54)
08. Symphony of Sorrowful Songs-Cantabile Semplice (8:04)
09. The Last Song Ever (3:42)

- Fred Chalenor / bass
- Erik Ian Walker / keyboards
- Paul Elias / drums

US band Castle Canyon started out in 1973. Friends from Portland, Oregon that had a shared fascination for shroom hunting and weird music. They wrote a handful or so of tunes back then, but their local environment wasn't the best to pursue music outside of the mainstream format, and life and circumstance saw to it that the band fell apart sometime around 1975.

Some 20 odd years laters Fred Chalenor and Ian Walker reconnect, as they had on several occasions over the years, but now they had the means and possibility to do something with the material created back then. That they had found a drummer, paul Elias, who could connect with their visions from yesteryear was the vital ingredient needed for this to happen.

Compositions were brought forth, examined and tweaked. And in 2009 the final result was released as Gods of 1973. The document of a bygone era, of a mental state of mind, and a creative effort that for a generation had nagged at it's creators to be released, set free, and be known.

If there is a future as well for this trio remains to be seen. The distant past has been released, but over the years each member has attained and gained skills and experiences that might just lead to a new creative hothouse being established. And they do have a third member as well these days, one who can add other influences to the mix. The potential for new productions seems to be present, perhaps even without the need of the thrills of shroom hunting to release it.

Great album by an obscure US Prog keyboards trio Castle Canyon, which was active in early 1970s but never released the material they composed and recorded at the time. As far as one can figure from the liner notes, parts of the material were recently recorded and re-recorded by the band’s leader / keyboardist Erik Ian Walker, but basically it does not matter, as the original 1970s sound is still there. Walker, who composed all the music, is surely a gifted player and his control of the many keyboard instruments is beyond reproach. Bassist Fred Chalenor and drummer Paul Elias support the leader flawlessly and the entire effort is a heaven on earth for keyboards fans, bringing fond memories of Emerson, Lake And Palmer, Nice and other memorable keyboards based ensembles. Considering the fact that not much of interest is happening, finding lost gems from the past is always a pleasure. Go for it!



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