Saturday, November 26, 2016

Broken Glass - 1975 - Broken Glass

Broken Glass 
Broken Glass

01. Standing On The Border 3:39
02. It's Alright 3:38
03. Keep Your Love 4:40
04. Can't Keep You Satisfied 5:18
05. Jersey Lightning 1:52
06. It's Evil 3:46
07. Ain't No Magic 5:13
08. Crying Smiling 3:52
09. Take The Water 5:40
10. Broken Glass 2:29

Stan Webb (lead & rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars, vocals)
Robbie Blunt (rhythm guitars, background vocals)
Tony Ashton (piano, organ)
Rob Rawlinson (bass)
Mac Poole (drums)
Miller Anderson (electric & acoustic guitars, dobro, additional vocals)

Some came with a custom printed inner sleeve depicting credits and band photos,
while others came with the same info printed on an insert.

Produced by Tony Ashton

After the dismission of Chicken Shack, and his departure from Savoy Brown, Stan Webb formed Broken Glass with Robbie Blunt and Miller Anderson on guitar, Mac Poole on drums, and Bob Rawlinson on bass. Recorded in 22 days, tihs album is a must. The music is heavy-blues, but with rock elements.The track "Standing On The Border" is incredible lost classic, one of ten best rock songs ever. Their version of "Evil" is loud and funky, the song "it"s Alright" just can't stop singing in your head, and the reggae-soul-rock "Keep Your Love" is just irresistible.
A great album.

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