Friday, October 28, 2016

Various Artists - 1970 - Opus 70

Various Artists 
Opus 70

Programme 1
A1 –Otto Ketting Set Of Pieces For Wind Quintet
A2 –Ton De Kruyf Séance (For Percussion, Piano And Harp)

Programme 2
B1 –Wil Eisma Because It Is (For Harpsichord, Oboe And Percussion)
B2 –Ton Bruynel Signs (For Wind Quintet)

Artwork By [Uncredited] – Dick Elffers
Compiled By, Edited By – Dr. Jos Wouters
Producer – Guus Feist
Voice [Announcer] – Alan Clark

Introducing Dutch avant-garde compositions that came to the fore in 1970.
These Two programmes with samplings of Dutch avant-garde music, recorded on one 12-inch stereophonic LP, are offered as a free service to radio stations outside the Netherlands.

Next up on the blog is this pretty interesting promotional compilation of Dutch Avant-Garde composers. Opus '70 was published by the Dutch world radio broadcasting system to be distributed in the United States and Canada to shed light on contemporary composers from Holland. On both sides of this record there is a program introduced in English to be transmitted by foreign radio stations. The pieces are variably incalculable, spacious or created by weirdly processed instruments.

The composers on here are Otto Ketting, Ton de Kruyf, Wil Eisma and Ton Bruynel. These four composers stand out as some of the most important composers of the Dutch Avant-Garde alongside Louis Andriessen and Ton de Leeuw just to name a few. Specially Bruynel did some great works of electronic music and musique concrète which I recommend you to find. On this record his piece is also the only one with electronic sounds and electronic processing. You can see him here in a clip in Dutch in which he talks about his music.

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