Friday, October 28, 2016

Pierre Courbois - 1975 - Myria´ Poda

Pierre Courbois 
Myria´ Poda

01. Beat And Bow 2:17
02. Myria´ Poda 8:25
03. Mr. P. Aiste Amnd Mr. J. Banez 4:21
04. Handycraft Center 4:06
05. Silence 0:45
06. Crying With The Wolves In The Wood 3:27
07. Naar En Dorp 2:44
08. There Is A Whole In The Bassdrum 1:44
09. Straight Shooter 7:00
10. Rock Will Never Die 3:08
11. Drums In The Lobau 3:29
12. Cymbal Symon

Pierre Courbois (Nijmegen, 1940) is a Dutch drummer known from the great Dutch/German prog-fusion band Association and Association P.C. He played with many different figures from the European impro-jazz and jazz rock scene from the seventies onwards.

Despite the cover this record is a true experimental masterpiece. Probably because of the cover it hasn't been properly rediscovered yet. Myria'Poda was recorded after a jamsession of Association P.C. in the German city of Bonn in 1975. It's a solo drum album that comes close to the unorthodox approach of drummers like Chris Cutler (Henry Cow). For this album Pierre Courbois had built his own drumkit out of fiberglass and combined it with echo-units, modulators, phasers, contact microphones, gongs, built-in pitch control and toms. As a metaphorical human centipede, milipede etc. (Family name for them is Myriapoda) Courbois takes on his drumkit and creates amazing atmospheres that transcend the traditional drum sounds.

The album has a sound much closer to some of the improvisational tripped out Krautrock bands like Faust, Amon Düül II or Limbus than to jazz or fusion. It really manages that you are not just listening to some drum experiments, but to a genuine trip of its own.


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