Friday, October 28, 2016

Mototeru Takagi - 1975 - Mosura Freight!

Mototeru Takagi 
Mosura Freight!

01. Estado
02. Bird Song
03. Love Song
04. People In Sorrow

Bass – Takashi Tokuhiro
Drums – Tsutomu Ono
Reeds – Mototeru Tak

Recorded at Jazz Street 52, Kitakyushu, 28 March 1975.
All music by Mototeru Takagi except "People in Sorrow," by Art Ensemble of Chicago.

This is the BOMB of Japanese free jazz… the free jazz that makes your ear melts, your soul blister and your jaw drop down the floor.
Ripping! And astonishingly beautiful. Takagi in absolute top form taking the music beyond it all.
Takagi was one of the most interesting Japanese players and died way too young, but contributed on a couple of Japanese free jazz masterpieces over the course of his short lived life.
lbums such as Now We Create  with the quartet of Masahiko Togashi is nothing else then a life changing document… and the beast 2 to 10 saxophone with drummer Sabu Toyozumi is forever one of the most hard hitting documents of freer jazz and expressions all time, worldfuckinwide.
Mosure Freight is a classic musically. Blowing hard… and harder…
Interesting enough paying respect to his collegues in Art Ensemble of Chicago, by playing their classic People in Sorrow in a beautiful take.

The trio is really interacting as a trio and this album is really worth looking for… hard to get these days, but not impossible.

But Takagi is the main focus here… his tone, piercing but yet warm, bears traces of Reverend Frank Wright and early Brötzmann to mind. But he developed his totally unique way of playing that unmistakingly only can be him. His tone is rawer then sushi, chewing the reeds down to molecules… fasten your seatbelts… No tenor sax has ever sounded this dirty and distorted. completely KICKIN music on the record especially and a very very unique player all together!!! a CLASSIC!

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