Friday, October 28, 2016

Masahiko Togashi & Mototeru Takagi - 1969 - Isolation

Masahiko Togashi & Mototeru Takagi 

01. Isolation I 16:48
02. Isolation II 19:05

Drums, Vibraphone, Marimba, Timpani, Percussion – Masahiko Togashi
Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet – Mototeru Takagi

Recorded 19 December, 1969. Soundtrack to Masao Adachi's "Renzoku satsujinma".

This early japanese Free Jazz LP was originally recorded for a movie by Masao Adachi - "Renzoku Shasatsuma (Ryakusho)". But it certainly works without the pictures.

Masahiko Togashi:

Japanese jazz drummer and percussionist. Born March 22, 1940; died August 22, 2007.

Togashi was acclaimed as a jazz drummer from his teens, when he played in Sadao Watanabe's group. He was a pivotal figure alongside Masahiko Sato, Masayuki Takayanagi and Yosuke Yamashita in the development of free jazz in Japan in the late 1960's.

In 1969 Togashi lost the use of his legs in an accident, but he developed a new drum-kit and returned to playing eighteen months later.

Togashi has collaborated with many overseas jazzmen, including Don Cherry, Steve Lacy, Charlie Haden, Mal Waldron and Paul Bley. His best known record in Japan is probably 1975's "Spiritual Nature".

As his physical condition worsened Togashi retired from active playing in 2002, devoting himself to composition and painting.

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