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Guus Jansen - 1981 - Tast Tor

Guus Jansen 
Tast Toe

01. Blokken 4:51
02. 1:2 6:51
03. Dik 4:51
04. Uw Trefpunt 2:04
05. Bakkum 7:54
06. Rood, Weel En Bla 4:18
07. Zeven Knoesten 6:54

Recorded At – Bimhuis
Recorded At – Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
Manufactured By – PRS Baarn – 6814 603

Composed By – Guus Janssen
Cover – Emo Verkerk
Engineer [Recording] – Dick Lucas
Photography By – Sjef Janssen
Producer – Guus Janssen, Maarten Altena

A1 recorded Bimhuis Amsterdam 26-6-1981
All other pieces: Cencertgebouw Amsterdam 23-6-1981 during Holland Festival

Janssen is a frequent member of the Instant Composers Pool and the key figure in Dutch piano improvisation. He always breaks down different genres into an unclassifiable mixture. He plays jazz, classical music, circus-melodies, pop, but never really ends up in either one of these genres.

Tast Toe, meaning something like help yourself (it also refers to hitting the keys of a piano in a weird linguistic way) is another album in which Janssen rapidly creates his accessible impro tunes while dissecting free-jazz into carnival melodies while entering chamber music realms while simultaneously staying on all borders. I guess it's only to be noticed when giving this a more proper listen, because at first glance it's a bit of conventional piano play. Nevertheless this is another interesting piece of the Amsterdam based Claxon records puzzle. Claxon was one of the best Dutch labels for improvisation music active at the end of the seventies and the eighties. All these pieces were recorded live in Amsterdam in 1981.

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