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Food Brain - 1970 - Bansan (晩餐 - Social Gathering)

Food Brain 
Bansan (Social Gathering)

01. That Will Do
02. Naked Mountain
03. Waltz For M.P.B.
04. Liver Juice Vending Machine
05. The Conflict Of The Hippo And The Pig
06. Clock
07. One-Sided Love
08. The Hole In A Sausage
09. Dedicated To Bach

- Shinki Chen - guitar, producer
- Hiro Yanagida - keyboards, producer
- Masayoshi Kabe - bass
- Hiro Tsunoda - drums
- Ikuzo Orita - producer
- Michihiro Kimura - bass clarinet (08)

FOOD BRAIN was named by Shinki Chen - a charismatic Japanese guitarist - and is known as a novel rock project by Polydor Japan (according to rumour the project was originally to be named Brain Food - but Shinki made a mistake).

Ikuzo Orita, a director of Polydor, had pictured some projects of Japanese progressive rock in his mind. To realize one of them, he persuaded Shinki to be the front man, and gathered some renowned Japanese musicians - Hiro Tsunoda (drums & percussion), Hiro Yanagida (keyboard & organ), Masayoshi Kabe (bass) - around him.

As this was in the early 70's and the dawn of Japanese rock, a topic that can't be overlooked is the DRUG culture...The group with these four talented men - some serious session musicians and others junkie travelers - might be lacking in unity but they had no problem in dropping a breaking-Japanese-pop-dream bomb. Their only one piece Bansan was the sunrise of Japanese psychedelic rock and paved way for the younger generation.

Sadly their remarkable flexibility and technique couoldn't prevent the project from breaking up after the short blooming period, in spite of Ikuzo's dream.

From the first track this album is awesome! That Will Do is exactly a shining star. Hiro Tsunoda's jazzy drummings, Masayoshi Kabe's striking and loudly noisy bass sounds, and Hiro Yanagida's round-and-round-waved keyboard solo...all are terrific for listeners. Sorry that Shinki Chen's guitar, having mad, funky and freaky flavour in another work, sounds even steady and quiet. What a funny accident! Next an interude Hageyama (Naked Mountain) with spacey bass solo, electric keyboard sound and jazzy rhythm section are very impressing in Mpb No Waltz (Waltz For M.P.B.) Basically Hiro Tsunoda's spacey, strict and speedy drums and percussions are the framework and the foundation of this song. Okay, he should be a serious and skilled drummer (and currently known as a pop singer :-D). What's a Liver Juice No Jido-Hanbaiki (Liver Juice Vending Machine)? Supplement of iron or stamina? I'm sure I can get some stamina (not iron :-P) with listening to this song. Not kidding! The reason can be obvious...Shinki's guitar has lately been exploded with growling, and of course rigidly-framed rhythm sections have not turned at all. What an amazing dunk shot! Kaba To Buta No Tatakai (The Conflict Of The Hippo And The Pig) is not conflict but confusion with unusual zamba style in such a rock supper (Bansan). Wake wake up up!! Swingin' & Smart Sounds Should Start Soon!! Mezamashi Dokei (Clock) has absolutely swing & jazz flavour mimicking an alarm clock. Psychedelic keyboard sounds can remind us the bell of a clock ringing loudly near our ears and let us wake up to ourselves completely, then heavy bass and drum sounds should hit and kick our back out. Kataomoi (One-Sided Love), calm and gentle interlude by keyboard solo, can get us relaxed but suddenly by avantgarde Ana No Aita Sausage (The Hole In A Sausage) we go mad. What does Michihiro Kimura's clarinet sound mean? Hmm...I feel it mean emptiness of their future, but is it correct? Well, God (and some of Food Brain members) only knows. Indeed Food Brain was unstable as a group with serious talents and junkie travelers...this badly organized sections might let their forebodings come true I suppose... Even a funeral march comes here. As everybody has thought, is it natural they would soon be broken out? The last song Bach Ni Sasagu (Dedicated To Bach) sounds like their mischief for me. From beginning to finish, I can't breathe enough...completely knocked away by FOOD BRAIN not BRAIN FOOD.  

A wonderful dawn of Japanese psychedelic rock. And the two Hiro's are on fire! Listen!

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