Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fernando Grillo - 1976 - Fluvine

Fernando Grillo 

01. Fluvine Uno 5:20
02. Fluvine Due 9:06
03. Fluvine Tre 9:00
04. Fluvine Quattro 22:37

Double Bass: Fernando Grillo

Fernando Grillo performed these four pieces, varying in length between five and 22 minutes, solo on double bass. For the most part they were done live with a panoramic microphone; an additional contact microphone was used in "Fluvine Tre." These are mostly ambient sounds that sometimes dip below the threshold of audibility, sometimes create a serene mood with caressed tones, and occasionally emulate violent storms; at one point he manages to recreate the sound of an onrushing car with accuracy.

It may seem unlikely but this CD (then as a LP) was my first exposure to music made by double bass solely. Since this "satori" some 25 years ago I have heard a bunch of sometimes outstanding solo outings by bassists. (K.H. Stockhausen once called F.Grillo the "Buddha" of the double bass).
There's a buddhist proverb which goes roughly - "If you meet Buddha kill him" - in this case I would prefer to caress him.

Today it seems he's concentrating on his personal vision of baroque music.
There are not many available recordings with him in a contemporary setting. One exceptional exemple of his skills can be heard on Iancu Dumitrescu's first published CD, where he plays a grandiose interpretation of "Medium III" - strongly recommended.

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