Friday, September 23, 2016

Mike Pinera - 1979 - Forever

Mike Pinera 

The Sun Side
01. Can't You Believe 3:41
02. I Am The Bubble 4:52
03. Looking At The Light 3:20
04. Goodnight My Love 4:11
05. Someone Like You 5:00
The Moon Side
06. Moonlight Melody 3:16
07. Do What You Do 3:29
08. Here It Comes Again 2:47
09. Lost And Found 4:11

Mike Pinera: All Instruments and Vocals

Former Blues Image frontman Mike Pinera's second solo album, released in 1979, was very much the son of its predecessor Isla, a very laid-back collection that eschewed his earlier, hard-driving blues in favor of a more late-night feel. But with the much-loved "Goodnight My Love" on board, it would be hard to say he'd chosen the wrong direction. The other key highlight is "Here It Comes Again," a tremendous number that apparently features an uncredited songwriting contribution from Captain Beyond's Larry Reinhardt. Elsewhere, "I Am the Bubble" and "Looking at the Light" are eminently likeable, but too much of Forever seems to be reaching toward the same kind of vibe that too many other singer/songwriters of the era were touting, when what Pinera's audience really wanted was for him to start letting rip once again. Where was Iron Butterfly when we needed them?

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