Friday, September 23, 2016

Mike Pinera - 1978 - Isla

Mike Pinera 

01. Alone With You 3:10
02. Good Thing 2:50
03. It's You 3:07
04. Nobody Wins 4:08
05. Must Get Thru 3:30
06. Isla 5:25
07. Fly Fly Away 3:40
08. Good To You 4:05
09. Lady Divine 2:10
10. For Another Day 4:03

Bass – Mike Pinera
Congas – Flaco (tracks: A3)
Drums – Donny Vosburgh
Guitar – Mike Pinera
Keyboards – Duane Hitchings, Mike Pinera, Terry Weiss
Vocals – Mike Pinera, Terry Weiss

Some material on this album was released on the Manticore label under the moniker, "Thee Image".

Isla was Mike Pinera's long overdue solo album, self-produced for Capricorn in 1978. Recorded with what Pinera fans might easily describe as an all-star lineup (keyboardist Duane Hitchings and drummer Donny Vosburgh were his bandmates in Thee Image; Hitchings also played alongside him in the New Cactus Band), it is very much a successor to the two Thee Image albums that preceded it. With its strongest moments cut in a similar mold to mid-period Doobie Brothers, or even recent Eric Clapton, its ten songs include the Spanish language title track, alongside the gorgeous "Nobody Wins" and "Lady Divine," while the opening "Alone with You" leans strongly, and successfully, into rock-disco territory. Overall, however, it's a very laid-back set, which -- like contemporary Clapton LPs -- might render it a shock for anyone coming in from Pinera's already legendary past with Blues Image, Iron Butterfly, and Ramatam. But it will still delight guitar aficionados, and Pinera's voice remains unmistakable.