Friday, September 23, 2016

Kalevala - 1977 - Abraham's Blue Refrain

Abraham's Blue Refrain

01. Silver Fish
02. Lighthouse
03. Forever Train
04. Abraham's Blue Refrain (Parts I & II)
05. Brown'll Might Suit You
06. Highland Temple
07. Playground
08. Marketbox Street
09. Panamanian Red

- Juha Salonen / guitar, keyboards
- "Limousine" Leppänen / vocals, percussion
- Ari Vaahtera / bass guitar
- "Beaver" Aitto-Oja / drums
- Jim Pembroke / backing vocals, piano (4), lyrics

It's indeed odd that they appended the term "orchestra" for this album since this is the hardest rock they made, the preceding two having more funk to them.  I think we can safely say this is just some bizarre humour, or perhaps as my wife loves to say, they were just all too stoned at the time, like everyone in the seventies.

Of the three albums, actually, the first has some mighty fine prog tracks too, but the third is by far the most impressive with an almost Tasavallan experience of odd inventiveness backed with some just wonderfully raw guitarwork (from Lido Salonen) as in the track "Panamanian Red"

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