Friday, September 23, 2016

Kalevala - 1975 - Boogie Jungle

Boogie Jungle

01. Mind the Fly Hunter
02. Attack at nineteenhunderd
03. It we found the time
04. While the fire's warm
05. Boogie
06. Rocking fish
07. Snow Bill
08. Capseller
10. Jungle

*Re-issued on a double album and CD by Safir, SAFLP/CD 2053

Line-up / Musicians
Juha Salonen / guitar, keyboards
"Limousine" Leppänen / vocals, percussion
Matti Kurkinen / guitar
Ari Vaahtera / bass guitar, moog
Beaver Aitto-Oja / drums

Boogie Jungle was released three years after the very proggy debut People No Names, and like the title says, is funky boogie rock. The band saw some big changes in the three years between the albums: Lido Salonen changed from bass to guitar, Ari Vaahtera took the bass duties, Zape Leppänen & Beaver Aitto-Oja came in (vocals and drums, respectively). Only the lead guitarist Matti Kurkinen kept his role.
In fact, there are only traces of prog left, but the music is in general of very high quality. It's a pleasant and very enjoyable album if you are into the funkier side of rock. Matti Kurkinen was a very capable guitarist, and it's tragic that he passed away soon after this album was made. Salonen on second guitar fulfills his duties and brings some beef to the sound. The rhythm section is tight, and even if Leppänen is a bit generic in the vocals, he has a pleasant voice. The star of the album is really Matti Kurkinen, this is a guitar album.

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