Friday, September 16, 2016

Alan Ross - 1977 - Are You Free on Saturday Night

Alan Ross 
Are You Free on Saturday Night

01. Are You Free On Saturday
02. What You Gonna Do About It
03. Man With The White Glove
04. Mystified
05. Get The Guns
06. Nothing Gets In My Way
07. Baby Please
08. Punishment Park
09. Love Is Love

Bass, Vocals – Pete Dennis
Drums, Percussion – Ed Spevock
Guitar, Lead Vocals – Alan Ross
Keyboards, Vocals – Frank Wilson
Percussion, Vocals – Chris Fletcher

It's hard to know where to place this record. Some lovely harmony vocals - but it's also let down by a weak lead vocal.  Sometimes there's a Beach Boys feel to it.  Other times it's soft funk rock. Sometimes the guitars are full, rocking and strong, but the sound can also be a bit wimp-like on some songs.