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Pere Ubu - 1989 - One Man Drives While The Other...

Pere Ubu 
One Man Drives While The Other...

01. Navvy 2:51
02. Street Waves 4:10
03. Heaven 2:56
04. On The Surface 2:27
05. Dub Housing 4:43
06. Caligari's Mirror 3:54
07. Small Was Fast 2:52
08. Misery Goats 2:28
09. Go 3:34
10. Ubu Dance Party 4:09
11. Birdies 2:21
12. Rhapsody In Pink 5:12
13. Codex 2:33

David Thomas: vocals
Mayo Thompson: guitar
Tom Herman: guitar
Allen Ravenstine: EML synthesizers
Tony Maimone: bass
Scott Krauss: drums.

Tracks 1 to 6 were recorded November 28 1978 at the Electric Ballroom, London. The recording was made by a cassette recorder with a direct line from the mixing desk.
Tracks 7 to 11 were recorded 4-track July 1980 at the Mistake, Cleveland.
Tracks 12 & 13 were recorded March 1981 on a cassette recorder with a direct line from the mixing desk at the University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany.

The second volume in the live Ubu saga, this is sonically better than its predecessor, 390 Degrees of Simulated Stereo. Covering the period from 1978-1981, the tracks on this recording were recorded during the guitarist transition from Tom Herman to Mayo Thompson. And while I prefer Herman's more assertive guitar playing, Thompson acquits himself nicely here, especially on "Birdies" and "(Pa) Ubu Dance Party." Vocalist David Thomas has some extraordinary moments here, as he is less restrained (positively manic) than in the studio. His glee is contagious, and by infusing the songs with such unrestrained joy, the band never sounds too dour and serious. Proof that art-rock can rock.

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