Friday, August 19, 2016

Pere Ubu - 1980 - The Art Of Walking

Pere Ubu
The Art Of Walking

01. Go 3:34
02. Rhapsody In Pink 3:35
03. 2Arabia 3:57
04. Tribute To Miles 4:20
05. Misery Goats 2:37
06. Loop 3:14
07. Rounder 3:25
08. Birdies 2:27
09. Lost In Art 5:11
10. Horses 2:34
11. Crush This Horn 3:00

David Thomas – lead vocals (1-5, 7-9, 11), Vox Continental Baroque organ, drums (9)
Mayo Thompson – guitar, backing and lead (6, 10) vocals, piano
Allen Ravenstine – EML synthesizers
Tony Maimone – bass, piano, organ
Scott Krauss – drums (all but 9), horn, piano, drum machine

The Art of Walking was the first Pere Ubu recording that wasn't completely sensational. Red Krayola guitarist/mastermind Mayo Thompson replaced Tom Herman, and while he freely indulges in pushing the envelope when it comes to soloing, he doesn't have Herman's rock sensibility, so there's less pulsating, Chuck Berry-style riffing emerging from the mix. Also, the songs are a tad more obtuse -- not that previous Ubu songs weren't, but this collection, with its focus on the pastoral, falls apart when it becomes overly precious. Such is the fate of utopian concept records. Still, this transitional (if you want to call it that) record offers many rewards, even if as a listener you have to work a little harder to find them.

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