Saturday, August 20, 2016

Officer! - 1985 - Cough


01. Anagrams (5:23)
02. Kalenda Maya (5:04)
03. Instructions Not Included (3:11)
04. Telepathy (2:05)
05. I Love You Very Much (3:40)
06. Bone Connections (4:13)
07. Du Boxe (1:00)
08. Nummus (1:46)
09. Boxers vs Wrestlers (2:27)
10. Maria’s Song (2:02)
11. We All Sat Watching The Same Film (4:01)
12. Dogface (2:02)
13. Mick Hobbs Interview (1:05)

Felix Fiedorowicz: bassoon, recorder, flute, voice
Mick Hobbs: bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, voice
Patrick Q. Wright: violin, keyboards
Marie-Jeanne: voice

An Officer! live recording from France, possibly during one of Reims’ avant rock festivals where so many post-RIO bands appeared (and home of A.Y.A.A. label). It seems Mick Hobbs left Great Britain for France in 1984, possibly fed up with harsh Thatcherism (and not because he was banned from England like the Gong leader, Daevid Allen). On ‘Cough’, the Offier! band plays tracks from their A.Y.A.A. LP ‘Ossification’, published the year before. The latter included a shift toward Medieval and Troubadours songs, itself a departure from their first cassette ‘8 New Songs By Mick Hobbs’ (see previous post). Singer Marie-Jeanne take the lead vocals on 2 Medieval songs here (tr.#2 & 10), while the rest is infused by a communal and juggler spirit, so to speak. The set is pure avant-rock pleasure with prominent violin and recorder. Patrick Q. Wright was the violin player in The Legendary Pink Dots. 1985 was a busy year for him, as he took part to various great records, namely Edward Ka-Spel’s ‘Chyekk, China Doll’ (Torso) or Look De Bouk’s ‘Lacrimae Rerum

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