Saturday, August 20, 2016

Officer! - 1984 - 8 New Songs

8 New Songs

01. Join The AA (0:54)
02. Life At The Water’s Edge (5:11)
03. Dogface (1:48)
04. Tunnels (3:53)
05. Way (3:28)
06. You (2:39)
07. Spooky (3:24)
08. All Reality Is Symbolic (2:43)

Mick Hobbs: bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, turntable, voice
Bill Gilonis: guitar, sax
Tim Hodgkinson: guitar, voice
Terri Robson: violin
Alig Pearce: guitar
Richard Wolfson: keyboards
Felix Fiedorowicz: keyboards, bassoon, recorder, voice
Rick Wilson: drums
Chris Cutler: drums (on Way)
Anna (Stokes?): voice
Judy Carter: voice
Leslie: claquetteisme

When on vacation from The Work (his quatuor with Tim Hodgkinson, Bill Gilonis, and Rick Wilson), Mick Hobbs gathered friends and allies to play music under the Officer! banner. This tape was released on french label AYAA (then called AAA). The label was launched 1982 with the legendary ‘Douze Pour Un’ compilation LP. This cassette is an awesome collection of rock songs, some deeply haunting, some rough at the edges. Songwriting is top-notch, the kind of sad tunes or grotesque anthems that are hard to forget once you’ve heard them. Some songs were recorded at Cold Storage with help from This Heat members who also helped with the production of Officer!’s ‘Ossification’ 1984 LP, also on AYAA. The line-up is varied, contributing to multifarious musical ideas and inventive arrangements. All members of The Work contribute here as well. Hobbs and ex-Family Fodder Alig Pearce formed the duo Lo Yo Yo, releasing an LP in 1985. Additionally, Felix Fiedorowicz was a member of Family Fodder as well (1979-1988, reformed 2002). Richard Wolfson (1955-2005) was the creator of the ambitious 1993 Towering Inferno’s ‘Kaddish’ show and CD to which Hodgkinson and Cutler also contributed.

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