Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Nimal - 1987 - Nimal


01. La semaine des quatre jeudi - Part I - IV (10:12)
02. Dimanche (2:46)
03. Animal triste (4:35)
04. La marelle (4:30)
05. Au zoo (4:01)
06. Un drame (2:10)
07. Le tram (1:44)
08. Maligne (3:14)

Jean-Maurice Rossel: guitars, bass, accordion, hurdy-gurdy, bouzouki, piano, DX- 100, percussion, sound effects
Tom Cora: cello (6,8), bass (7), voice (2)
Pippin Barnett: (1) drums, percussion
Dominique Diebold: (4) drums
Victor de Bros: (4) piano, prophet
Gilles V. Rieder: (5) percussion
Didier Pietton: (2) soprano

Created in 1987 by Marcel "Momo" Rossel, founder of experimental Swiss band DÉBILE MENTHOL, NIMAL were a kind of RIO supergroup that brought together an eclectic set of multi-instrumentalists from various avant-garde bands: U.S. artists Tom Cora from SKELETON CREW, CURLEW and Pippin Barnett from ORTHOTONICS, NO SAFETY, CURLEW; Jean-20 Huguenin from DÉBILE MENTHOL and Shirley Hoffman-Wolz from Swiss band L'ENSEMBLE RAYÉ; Slovenian artist Bratko Bibic from BEGNAGRAD, plus many others. Stylistically, they mixed their respective bands' styles with that of first-generation RIO bands (HENRY COW, UNIVERS ZERO, AMLA MAMMAS MANNA). Before their dissolution in 1992, they had toured throughout Europe and Canada and had released three albums.

Propelled by shifting folk-dance rhythms and wonderful sound effects, their style borders on world music. Their material is given a dictinct Eastern European, almost Gypsy flavour through the use of the accordion, bouzouki, hurdy-gurdy, cello and various percussion instruments in addition to the usual guitar/keyboards/bass/drum combo. A close comparison would be a slightly more frenzied version of SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA. All of their albums feature relatively short but catchy tunes (a rarity from an RIO band) and plenty of sonic goodies (yes, yodelling CAN be cool!). Of their three albums, "Dis Tanz" is the most varied and energetic but all are worth checking out.

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