Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lard Free - 1997 - Unnamed

Lard Free 

01. La chevauchée des vaches qui rient
02. Cochonailles
03. Tobrouck 120 Kms
04. Noisy Son Sec
05. Choconailles
06. Petit tripou du matin
07. À chacun son boulez

- Gilbert Artman / drums
- Robert Wood / vibraphone
- François Mativet / guitar
- Philippe Bolliet / tenor saxophone, clarinette
- Dominique Triloff / organ
- Jean-Jacques Miette / bass, double bass

 Do not get fooled by the date of release of this album! Actually this is a posthumous release proposing material recorded before their debut album and never released before this! And as usual with Lard Free, like every album of theirs is very different from the others but still very much in the spirits of Lard Free, this is full of surprises!
These tracks were recorded in 71 and 72 and are quite a departure from that debut album! We are for a good deal in some pre-RIO (this style of music had yet to appear) but not in free-jazz or contemporary classical music! This is clearly written/composed music. The opening track litterallly slaps you sonically so hard that you find yourself swaying your head from side to side as it suffers those slaps. All of those tracks are accessible with the possible exception of the last (which the title hints at modern french composer Pierre Boulez) and for me the highlight of this album is Tripou Du Matin that announces the first album to be! Please note that the Cochonailles and the Choconailles are effectively linked humorously but also sonically but at opposite ends.

Much recommended for RIO fans whom may be in for a surprise, as this pre-dates the earliest of Henry Cow by two years!



  2. Hola! gracias por toda la excelente música que compartes... podrías resubir éste por favor? y a propósito de franceses, será que tienes por ahí discos del urban sax de artman, otros proyectos de integrantes de etron fou, o los de les i ? gracias de nuevo!