Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lard Free - 1975 - I'm Around About Midnight

Lard Free
I'm Around About Midnight

01. Violez l'espace de son réfrigérant
02. In a Desert - Alambic
03. Does East Bakestan Belong to Itself
04. Tatkooz a roulette
05. Pale Violence Under a Réverbère
06. Even Silence Comes When Trains Come
07. Prologue improbable
08. Glauquerie

- Gilbert Artman / piano, drums, saxophone
- Richard Pinhas / guitar, synthesizers
- Alain Audat & Antoine Duvernot / saxophone

 Lard Free's second album is very different of the debut and really adventurous mood! With this sophomore album, the feel is definitely towards German influences although the Fripp/Eno ones are still very present.
One cannot help to think of minimalism German master Faust when listening to the Alambic track with their repetitive synths and Tangerine Dream phasers in the background leading you with no definite boundary into the Bakestan track where an Oldfield-like piano and flute take over. Still with no clear track ending we are now lead by a sonar noise (much like Floyd in Echoes) into Taktooz and haunting ambiances lead you in Pale Violence with its booming bass. the CD finishes off with an eastren-sounding piano-led track.

Again with Spalax label record , there seems to be confusion around as the last two tracks mentioned (Glauquerie and Prologue Improbable) above are absent one the copy I own! But I suspect here that the Archives are wrong on this one! I think those tracks might be from a Heldon album!



  2. I've never heard 'Lard Free' but, with this lineup, it's time I did. Many thanks.