Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hinze Schwab Weber Kovacev - 1978 - Wide and Blue

Hinze Schwab Weber Kovacev 
Wide and Blue

01. Danielle 5:50
02. Fatima 7:05
03. Wide And Blue 6:25
04. Tales From Nowhere 10:30
05. Thanks For Being Being 5:05
06. Do It Nice For Me 5:35

Bass – Eberhard Weber
Drums, Percussion – Lala Kovacev
Flute, Flute [Alto] – Chris Hinze
Guitar – Sigi Schwab

Recorded February 1976 at Studio Barbarossa Munich

Is it possible to get tired of virtuoso flautist Chris Hinze? Not for me... here is an outing from 1976 featuring the amazing guitarist Sigi we have seen before, Eberhard Weber performing his customary ECM-style electric bass smooth melodiousness, and Lala Kovacev on percussion. Oddly enough most of the compositions are from Mladen Gunesha, with only the 5th track (sampled here below) by Hinze. The former is not a name familiar to me though I note he has a german wikipedia entry, he is clearly a european composer and arranger from former yugoslavia.



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