Sunday, August 14, 2016

Etron Fou Leloublan - 1985 - Face Aux Éléments Déchaînés

Etron Fou Leloublan 
Face Aux Éléments Déchaînés

01. Lavés à la machine (4:19)
02. Tous le poussent (3:39)
03. Hors de son monde (4:00)
04. Paris 65 (4:04)
05. Sous les draps (3:52)
06. Comment choisir son infirmière (3:14)
07. Gifle Hubert (4:45)
08. Blanc (4:13)
09. Binet d'eau froide (0:18)
10. Plus rien ne nous retient dans ce pays (3:43)
11. Mon petit chorus (4:12)

- Ferdinand Richard / bass, vocal
- Jo Thirion / organ, vocal
- Guigou Chenevier / drum, sax, vocal
- Fred Frith / violin on "Paris 65" & "Blanc"

This band is such a blast to listen to with their sense of humour and absolutely amazing instrumental work. I especially am impressed with the bass playing, it's just outstanding but all three are incredible musicians. Some humerous pictures of the band in the liner notes especially the guys who are making these faces at the camera.This was their last studio album and second in a row with Fred Frith producing, he also adds some violin.
"Lavees A La Machine" opens with bass as the sax makes some noise. Male and female vocals before 1 1/2 minutes. Keyboards after 2 minutes when the vocals stop. Percussion and male spoken words follow. "Tous Le Poussent" has this beat with male vocals and organ. Sax after 2 minutes. "Hors De Son Monde" has this beat of piano, bass and drums while the sax plays over top. A change before 2 minutes as the keyboards, bass and drums become the focus. "Paris 65" has these theatrical male vocals and a catchy rhythm. I like when the vocals stop and the organ, bass and drums lead. "Sous Les Draps" opens with these cool drum patterns as the organ and female spoken words help out. Bass joins in when the vocals stop. She's back before 2 1/2 minutes. It's surprisingly spacey late.

"Comment Choisir Son Infirmiere" is catchy with male vocals, love the bass. "Gifle Hubert" is pretty much spoken male words with an excellent melody of bass, drums and keyboards.The vocals start yelling at one point. Check out the bass after 3 1/2 minutes ! "Blanc" has some guest violin from Frith while drums,vocals and organ open.The organ starts to pulsate as the bass throbs. It's heavier before 3 1/2 minutes as she really sings. "Binet D'eau Froide" is a very short instrumental. "Plus Rien Ne Nous Retient Dans Ce Pays" has some great in your face bass as the vocals join in. It settles back after 1 1/2 minutes but kicks back in quickly. "Mon Petit Chorus" has this catchy beat with female vocals. Deep male vocals take over.The organ is excellent after 3 minutes.