Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Debile Menthol - 1984 - Live En Europe 1982-84

Debile Menthol
Live En Europe 1982-84

01. Dulcimer
02. Bou de Mou
03. A quoi pensent-ils
04. Cadutta Massi
05. Mort au Dehus
06. Mieux vaut d'Ecker
07. Stamoïde cousu
08. Bim Bam
09. Battre Campagne
10. Mare et moire
11. Avalanche
12. Rien
13. Rose is Coup

A1-4 & B2 recorded at Theatre Dunois, Paris; A5 recorded at Radaii Club, Budapest; A6 & B3 recorded at Bercsenyi, Budapest; B1 recorded at Kulturwerkstatt Kaserne, Basel; B4 recorded at Salle de la Cité, Neuchâtel (1980); B5 & 6 recorded at Vandoeur, Nancy; B7 recorded at Festival de Traverse, Reims

I don't have a list of the lineup for these recordings, but I'll assume it's the core group represented on Battre Campagne: Christian G. Addor, Yvan G. Chkolnix, Jean V. Huguenin, Gilles V. Rieder, Jean M. Rossel, Marie C. Schwab and Cedric P. Vuille. The earlier recordings may or may not also feature Francois Liégme and Patrice Dupasquier... Some help from the visitors with more knowledge than I would be more than welcome!

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