Saturday, August 20, 2016

David Thomas And The Pedestrians with Richard Thompson - 1983 - Variations On A Theme

David Thomas And The Pedestrians with Richard Thompson 
Variations On A Theme

01. A Day At The Botanical Gardens 3:43
02. Pedestrian Walk 4:16
03. Bird Town 2:42
04. The Egg & I 2:54
05. Who Is It ? 3:30
06. Song Of Hoe 5:42
07. Hurry Back 3:57
08. The Rain 3:47
09. Semaphore 5:05

The Pedestrians
Anton Fier – drums
Paul Hamann – bass guitar, engineering
Jim Jones – guitar
Jack Monck – guitar
David Thomas – lead vocals
Richard Thompson – guitar

Additional musicians
Lindsay Cooper – bassoon (A5, B3, B4)
Chris Cutler – drums (A5, B3, B4)

Yes, David Thomas is weird, and yes, he's even weirder solo than he is when he's leading Pere Ubu. But if you're not careful, it can be all too easy to let the weirdness distract from the genuine beauty, of which there is quite a bit on this spectacularly good album. Lots of credit is due to Brit-folk guitar hero Richard Thompson, whose presence may seem like a complete artistic non sequitur, but who adds not only chops but also structural complexity and a deep musical grace to Thomas's whinnying falsetto ruminations on birds, plants, and pedestrians. Credit is also due to bassist Jack Monck, who anchors things heroically on this album. There are lots of highlights here, but two of the album's finest moments come on Bird Town, a hysterical 12-bar blues romp that features both a vocal cameo ("Oy kid, what's the name of this town? Is it giraffe town?") and a whole series of brilliant solos by Richard Thompson, and on "A Day at the Botanical Gardens," which is one of the loveliest pieces of music Thomas has ever been responsible for. Highly recommended.



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