Saturday, August 20, 2016

David Thomas And His Legs - 1983 - Winter Comes Home

David Thomas And His Legs
Winter Comes Home

01. A Day Such As This
02. Winter Comes Home
03. West Side Story
04. Sunset
05. Stormy Weather
06. Poetic License
07. Rhapsody in Pink
08. Dinosaurs Like Me
09. Petrified
10. Bones in Action
11. Contrasted Views of the Archaeopteryx

David Thomas: vocals
Lindsay Cooper: electric bassoon
Chris Cutler: drums

Winter Comes Home was a live album credited to David Thomas and his Legs, released in 1982, in which Thomas was supported by Chris Cutler and Lindsay Cooper. Trouser Press reports that the album "mixes intellectual stand-up comedy with winning performances".The album did not appear in the 1997 anthology Monster, and has never been released on CD, and David Thomas has pronounced the album to have been officially "disappeared":

"If it HAD existed I'd explain the reason to disappear it as follows: that version of the Pedestrians was more of a theatrical experience than a musical one and the intention was always that the release be a limited edition; a limited edition means that it's limited. But the album never existed so there's no reason to explain ANYTHING."



  2. Thanks. This album is unexpected. I had the others on vinyl, but did not know about this live release.