Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ubik - 1983 - Surf


01. Kakikouka 3:25
02. If You 3:40
03. End 3:40
04. Sid 3:18
05. Dust 3:45
06. In That Side 5:00
07. Body Electric 3:10
08. In Your Dreams 5:06
09. Paradise 5:00

Drums, Percussion – Marc Pouliquen
Guitar – Xavier Geronimi
Saxophone – Daniel Paboeuf
Violin – Steward Gordon (tracks: A2, B1 to B4)
Vocals, Bass – Philippe Maujard

Crescent Studio - Bath - Angleterre

Ubik was an experimental new wave/coldwave band from France formed in early 80s by Philippe Maujard. The first album Surf was released in 1983 and a few singles after: Quintessential cult band, must be heard to believed!

I remember hearing Kakikouka for the first time in the summer of 1984 on some dutch squatters radio, and absolutely loving it but did not get the name of the band, so next morning I was over at the local record store doing the chorus hoping someone would know what it was, it took almost 15 years before I knew who it was and finally got a copy of it not so long ago... the guitar solo and sound is absolutelly visceral!



  2. thank's a lot again and again and again
    funny i was about to buy it too in vinyl a month ago but the record was too expensive and in a too bad state.
    so long for your Swiss post maybe