Friday, July 8, 2016

Rhapsody - 1978 - Rhapsody


01. I've Done All I Can 4:09
02. Been So Long 4:04
03. Crazy Dance 6:35
04. Belly Dancer 6:36
05. Strange Vibrations 4:58
06. The Creepers 8:22
07. Take To The Highway 9:34

Bonus Tracks
08. It's Gotta Be Tonight 3:46
09. Sweet Rock 'N Roll 4:20

Benny Ahlkvist: Vocals
Kjell-Ake Noren: Guitar, Keyboards
Rudolf Janszky: Bass
Peter Ahs: Keyboards
Torbjorn Persson: Drums

Originally released in 1978, Strange Vibrations was the debut album from Rhapsody Sweden, a melodic hard rock band from, well, Sweden. Rhapsody Sweden played a brand of hard rock that was very melodic (which seems to be mandatory for Swedish bands), epic in nature and very, very similar to American AOR icons Angel. It's just a really solid, really enjoyable slice of `70s hard rock with driving guitars, prominent keyboards and strong, steady vocals. The lyrics are a little quirky, owing no doubt to issues with translation.

Strange Vibrations ended up being Rhapsody Sweden's only album, and to the best of my knowledge none of the band members went on to other projects. It's a shame, because the band had a great sound, and one that would have transitioned well into the arena-rocking `80s. If you're a fan of the late `70s hard rock sound, particularly Angel, this album is well worth checking out, especially now that it has been reissued.

Edition Notes: Strange Vibrations was reissued by MTM in 2005 as part of their MTM Classix line. It's the first time the album was released in CD format, features digitally remastered sound and a pair of new studio songs - "It's Gotta Be Tonight" and "Sweet Rock n' Roll" - as bonus tracks. The audio quality isn't on par with the average Rock Candy reissue, but this is still a high quality reissue overall.

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