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Finch - 1999 - The Making Of... Galleons Of Passion / Stage '76 - Live

The Making Of... Galleons Of Passion / Stage '76 - Live

101. Reconciling (8:33)
102. Dreamer (4:44)
103. Remembering The Future (4:59)
104. With Love As The Motive (9:00)
a) Impulse
b) Reaching
c) Sinful Delight?
105. Night Walker (2:59)
106. Unspoken Is The Word (7:48)
107. Phases (5:31)
108. As One (4:06)

201. Scars On The Ego (9:32)
202. Paradoxical Moods (11:39)
203. Necronomicon (17:48)
204. A Passion Condensed (20:06)
205. Pisces (12:00)

- Hans Bosboom / drums, percussion
- Joop van Nimwegen / guitars, Cabasa
- Peter Vink / bass guitars, Cowbell
- Ad Wammes / keyboards, flute

Finch was a very appreciated progrock outside Holland, especially in the USA and Japan. I 've seen them once in the famous 'pot-drenched' club 'Het Paard' in The Hague, they blew the audience away but there was never a live-recording from Finch. Fortunately Pseudonym Records managed to lay their hands on master tapes from the period with Ad Wammes as their keyboard player. This material is now released on this double-cd.
CD- 1 (with drummer Hans Bosboom) contains 8 demo-versions for the LP "Galleons Of Passion". Five of them eventually found their way on that LP. The recording quality is excellent and the numbers closely resemble the original. Yet there are various delicate distinctions as regards to tempo, intensity of the solos and sound-coloring (the keyboards in particular) making this release a must for the true Finch adepts. In addition to this the three remaining, previously unreleased tracks "Dreamer" (opulent as velvet with translucent guitar work and loosely woven strings), "Nightwalker" (playful with varied keyboard play) and "Phases" (exquisite build-up with a splendiferous interlacing of guitar and keyboard) are certainly no hand-me downs.

CD-2 contains over 70 minutes of fascinating live-performances from December 1976 (with Beer Klaasse still behind the drums). You will hear Finch at their best playing four numbers from the albums "Glory Of The Inner Force" and "Beyond Expression" recreating the unique live-atmosphere and performed with a passion that is guaranteed to give you goose bums. Throughout the tracks you will notice the various improvisations. On the track "A Passion Condensed" in particular guitarist Joop's loops wind and twist around each other reaching a crescendo of pure white noise. Furthermore it's interesting to notice how new keyboard player Ad Wammes manages to give the old Finch repertoire his own unique twist. With the help of his newly purchased Mini-moog synthesizer he artfully whips off many spectacular sounding solo. In addition CD-2 contains the previously unreleased track ''Necronomicon". This composition has a playing time of over 15 minutes and is a typically 'Seventies' composition with extended soli on guitar, synthesizer and bass, GREAT!



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