Saturday, July 9, 2016

Europe - 1983 - Europe


01. Take Me (For What I Am)
02. Good Thing Going
03. Hideaway
04. Runner in the Night
05. Abandon Ship
06. Which Side You're On
07. It Doesn't Hurt Anymore
08. Sarah-Lee
09. Time Is Running Out On Us
10. The Roar of Guns

Bass, Backing Vocals – Bert Veldkamp
Drums, Percussion – Roger Wollaert
Guitar – Johan Slager
Keyboads, Vocals, Percussion – Ton Scherpenzeel
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Mouthorgan, Vocoder – John Philippo

"Europe is a symphonic rockband, founded by keyboardist/composer Ton Scherpenzeel and guitarist Johan Slager after the departure of Kayak in 1982. John Philipp from Sfinx is the vocalist. Together with producer Gerrit-Jan Leenders the band enters the studio Bandstand in Hilversum. On the first and only, self-titled album they continue where Kayak had left. The Dutch Europe should not be confused with the Swedish hard-rock band with the same name.
After of the break of the dutch progressive rock KAYAK in 1982,ton scherpeenzel and johan slager together with members of other progressive band TAURUS went to form EUROPE.the result is this album who sound like the more pop face of KAYAK circa "phantom of the night" and "periscope life" ,my favorites songs are "good thing going" and the beatiful symphonic " abandon ship" the rest are decent pop songs,the next year the band split and scherpeenzel is called by andrew latimer for work with CAMEL for the album "stationary travaller" and the tour of "pressure points" concerts.

Interview with Ton:
Ton: Oh yeah, that was as I recall by far the least successful undertaking of mine, commercially speaking. And I don’t includeOrion. It was a sort of a code name for Kayak. Still, there are some good songs on that album too but looking back I think we should have given it more thought than we did before we went ahead with this project. We were planning to release it as a Kayak album, but then we ran into troubles because of the financial mess that had something to do with our former manager. We had such bad times those two years before, that we were glad to be able to make music and we decided not to use the name Kayak. You know, we actually did a few shows with that line up with Philippo, sl*g.r, Veldkamp, Wollaert and Westveen), but I realized this line up wouldn’t last long and if it not had been another band I feel there’s no reason why we wouldn’t be playing some of the songs from that album today."

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