Friday, July 1, 2016

Edgar Broughton Band - 2006 - Live At Rockpalast

Edgar Broughton Band 
Live At Rockpalast

01. Evening Over Rooftops
02. Anthem
03. Speak Down The Wires
04. The Moth
05. Why Can't Somebody Love Me
06. Refugee
07. Momma's Reward
08. American Boy Soldier
09. Homes Fit For Heroes
10. Dr. Spock
11. Love In The Rain
12. Revelations
13. Hotel Room
14. Last Electioneer
15. Out Demons Out

Bass – Arthur Grant
Drums – Steve Broughton
Guitar – Andrew Taylor
Keyboards – Luke Broughton
Vocals, Guitar – Edgar Broughton

They're back, and the demons have already started packing their bags. Of all the groups whose spirit seemed least likely to be reborn for the 21st century, the Edgar Broughton Band were surely among the most pronounced. Their reputation, after all, was locked so firmly in the mire of countless muddy English festivals around the turn of the 1960s, with social protest and change on everybody's lips, that one simply could not imagine a "modern" audience seriously gathering to witness the exorcism of whatever ails the modern world. But "Out Demons Out" closes this televised performance by the re-formed Broughtons, and it is still as magical as ever. Looking, of course, a lot more grizzled than one might like to remember, Edgar Broughton himself remains a spellbinding performer, as he leads the band through a 15-song set that hits most of its early highlights -- no "Apache Drop Out," unfortunately, but "Evening Over Rooftops," "Momma's Reward," and "Dr. Spock" are all loud and proud, while "American Boy Soldier" peels out of its Vietnam-era relevance, adopts the desert as its natural home, and stands as pertinent today as it ever did in the past. And "Out Demons Out" is simply magical, even if the audience doesn't seem quite certain how to respond to its message. The demons, after all, are so much a part of modern life that there are generations out there who cannot even begin to imagine life without them. But there is an alternative, and this is how it begins.



  2. Oh God , I'm 15 and stoned again ......