Friday, July 1, 2016

Edgar Broughton Band - 2000 - Demons At The Beeb

Edgar Broughton Band
Demons At The Beeb

01. For What You Are About To Receive
02. Why Can't Somebody Love Me?
03. Side By Side
04. Call Me A Liar
05. Poppy
06. The Rake
07. Gone Blue
08. Chilly Morning Momma
09. I Got Mad (Sole Dad)
10. And It's Not You
11. Out Demons Out
12. The Actor

Tracks 1 & 2 recorded in session for Top Gear, Radio 1 27.01.69 ? BBC 1969.
First transmission 16.03.69.
Tracks 3-11 recorded for Radio 1 Live In Concert 11.05.72 ? BBC 1972.
Track 12 recorded at Wee Mee Nit studios in 1976.

Sixties freak-outs and seventies stomping from one of the truly radical bands of the era. The first two tracks are the first ever recordings of the Edgar Broughton band - a studio session with John Peel from way back in January 1969. The music is the heavy psychedelic blues of their early years, which by 1972 had developed into a stomping live boogie mixed with acoustic (Roy Harper-esque) folk-blues, which is where the second part of this set comes from. This is a live show, mostly made up of material from their just-issued album, Inside Out. The two sets are a precious record of those glory days. For fans, it's definitely unmissable. For the undecided - it depends how tolerant you are of live music, with its imperfections, occasional bum notes and crowd noise. But the recording quality is good, and it buzzes with the commitment and energy you expect from the Edgar Broughton Band. Sure, one or two tracks fall flat, and there are a few unsightly self-indulgencies that people really did think were cool three decades ago. Hey, call it period detail if you want to be charitable. There's enough here to warm a few memories of the era or stimulate a bit of nostalgia for those of us who missed it.

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