Friday, July 1, 2016

Edgar Broughton Band - 1973 - Oora

Edgar Broughton Band 

01. Hurricane Man / Rock 'N' Roller
02. Roccococooler
03. Eviction
04. Oh You Crazy Boy!
05. Things On My Mind
06. Exhibits From A New Museum / Green Lights
07. Face From A Window / Pretty / Hi-Jack Boogie / Slow Down
08. Capers
09. Sweet Fallen Angels

Backing Vocals – Doris Troy, Liza Strike, Madeline Bell, Maggie Thomas (4)
Bass, Guitar – Arthur Grant
Drums, Percussion, Bells [Tubular], Vocals, Guitar, Tambourine – Steve Broughton
Guitar, Backing Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar [Bottleneck], Piano, Guitar [Spanish], Bass – Victor Unitt
Lead Vocals, Guitar, Tape, Bass – Edgar Broughton

The Broughtons' fifth album has never been as well-regarded as its predecessors, although that has more to do with timing than with the record itself -- by 1973, after all, the Broughtons' brand of post-hippie revolution was feeling just a little tired, particularly in the face of the glam scene that had emerged all around, and no matter how strong the songwriting and performances remained, there was still a sense of too little, too late. Which was colossally unfair. No, Oora isn't a patch on either Wasa Wasa or Sing Brother Sing. But it was an improvement on the previous year's Inside Out, and a handful of its contents -- notably "Exhibits from a New Museum/Green Lights" and "Roccococooler" -- could rub shoulders alongside any of the band's earlier, better-feted material. Indeed, the sheer diversity of Oora flies defiantly in the face of anybody hoping to pigeonhole the band with its past reputation, as Oora reveals a tight, concise, and extraordinarily melodic band whose members had clearly been listening to Neil Young as much as the Mothers of Invention, and weren't afraid to prove it.

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