Friday, July 1, 2016

Edgar Broughton Band - 1972 - In Side Out

Edgar Broughton Band
In Side Out 

01. Get Out Of Bed / There's Nobody There/Side By Side 3:42
02. Sister Angela 0:40
03. I Got Mad 3:45
04. They Took It Away 2:27
05. Homes Fit To Heroes 4:18
06. Gone Blue 3:14
07 Chilly Morning Mamma 4:32
08 The Rake 2:42
09 Totin' This Guitar 1:46
10 Double Agent 2:53
11 It's Not You 11:10
12 Rock'N'Roll 2:56

Bonus Tracks
13 Someone 3:45
14 Mr. Crosby 2:09
15 Look At The Mayor 9:42

Edgar Broughton - Vocals, guitar
Arthur Grant - Bass guitar, vocals
Steve Broughton - Drums, vocals
Victor Unitt - Guitars, vocals

Inside Out is the Edgar Broughton Band's fourth album, following the success of 1970's self-titled release. Although the humor and novel attributions of the group aren't quite as prevalent here as in the band's first few albums, Inside Out still has plenty of distinguishing characteristics, both musically and lyrically, to hold it together. "Chilly Morning Mama" and the tawdry "Gone Blue" add crass humor to instrumental improvisation in perfect Broughton-like style, enriched by Edgar Broughton's vocal snarl. The group's bizarre and sometimes creepy brand of rigid, sonic blues-rock is anything but structured, which makes halfhearted attempts such as "The Rake" and "Totin' This Guitar" relinquish some appeal. "It's Not You" is a singable chant which drips with campy theatrics, while on the other side of the coin "I Got Mad" and "They Took It Away" make for a couple of the album's more conventional cuts. Repertoire's reissue of the album to compact disc includes four bonus tracks, three of them B-sides. Out of the four, both "Call Me a Liar" and "Someone" exhibit the most charm. Inside Out may not be a necessity, but it's good to have if you're a true fan of the Broughton's.

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