Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Budgie - 2005 - Radio Sessions 1974 & 1978

Radio Sessions 1974 & 1978

London 1974
101. Breadfan
102. You Are The Best Thing Since Powdered Milk
103. Hammer And Tongs
104. Zoom Club
105. Parents
106. Rocking Man

Los Angeles 1978
201. Melt The Ice Away
202. In The Grip Of A Tyrefitters Hand
203. Smile Boy Smile
204. In For The Kill / You Are The Best Thing Since Powdered Milk
205. Love For You And Me
206. Parents
207. Who Do You Want For Your Love
208. Don't Dilute The Water
209. Breaking All The House Rules
210. Breadfan

Bass, Vocals – Burke Shelley
Drums – Pete Boot (tracks: 1-01 to 1-06), Steve Williams (37) (tracks: 2-01 to 2-10)
Guitar [Lead], Vocals – Tony Bourge
Guitar [Rhythm] – Myf Isaac (tracks: 2-01 to 2-10)

Disc 1 recorded live at Global Village, London, UK, on March 9th 1974
Disc 2 recorded live at A&M Recording Studios, Los Angeles, US, on April 30th 1978

I bought the old "Heavier Than Air / Rarest Eggs" release some time ago and wasn't sure whether to buy this one to get the few extra 1974 tracks - I'm very glad I did. The 1978 gig serves as the live album Budgie never released at the time - a well recorded great performance which no Budgie afficionado could be disappointed by, other than missing the odd classic tune such as 'Napoleon' (and 'Breaking All the House Rules' taking a slightly over-enthusiastic tempo). Being 'remastered' has not made a revolutionary change in sound compared to the previous release.

The 1974 tracks sound much better than the two tracks included on the earlier CD. The recording meets the quality of a very good bootleg: it's from a good desk mix but is hissy and with occasional tape dropout. This latter causes the odd unscheduled drift in panning & the occasional increase in background noise. There are fades in the applause and announcements between some tracks and 'Hammer and Tongs' fades just before the end. However, it's a fantastic performance, it flows from track to track and has real atmosphere and energy: I'm more than delighted I bought it.

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