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Budgie - 2004 - The BBC Recordings

The BBC Recordings

In Concert Paris Theatre 19.10.1972
101. Rape Of The Locks
102. Rocking Man
103. Young Is A World
104. Hot As A Dockers Armpit
Reading Festival 1980
105. Breaking All The House Rules
106. Crime Against The World
107. Napoleon Bona Part 1 & 2
108. Forearm Smash
109. Panzer Division Destroyed
110. Wildfire
111. Breadfan (Lost Edit Not Transmitted)

John Peel Show 1.7.1976
201. Sky High Percentage
202. In The Grip Of A Tyrefitters Hand
Friday Rock Show 18.12.1981
203. I Turned To Stone
204. Supestar
205. She Used Me Up
Reading Festival 1982
206. Forearm Smash
207. Crime Against The World
208. I Turned To Stone
209. Truth Drug (Not Transmitted)
210. Superstar
211. She Used Me Up
212. Panzer Division Destroyed

Bass, Vocals – Burke Shelley
Drums – Ray Phillips (tracks: 1-01 to 1-04), Steve Williams (37) (tracks: 1-05 to 2-12)
Guitar – Tony Bourge (tracks: 1-01 to 1-04 and 2-01 and 2-02)
Guitar [Rhythm] – Myf Isaac (tracks: 2-01 and 2-02)
Guitar, Vocals – John Thomas (6) (tracks: 1-05 to 1-11 and 2-06 to 2-12)
Keyboards – Lindsay Bridgewater (tracks: 2-08 and 2-09)

Tracks 1-01 to 1-04 recorded live at Paris Theatre, London, UK, on November 19th 1972, for BBC Radio One's 'In Concert'
Tracks 1-05 to 1-11 recorded live at Reading Festival, Reading, UK, on August 24th 1980 and originally broadcast on BBC Radio One
Tracks 2-01 and 2-02 recorded live at Maida Vale Studio 4, London, UK, on July 1st 1976, for BBC Radio One's 'John Peel Show'
Tracks 2-03 to 2-05 recorded live at Maida Vale Studio 4, London, UK, on December 18th 1981 for BBC Radio One's 'Friday Rock Show Session'
Tracks 2-06 to 2-12 recorded live at Reading Festival, Reading, UK, on August 27th 1982 and originally broadcast on BBC Radio One

Featuring portions of the earlier Heavier Than Air collection (plus a pair of Reading Festival appearances with great performances but dodgy sound quality), The BBC Recordings catches Welsh metallurgists Budgie at three very distinct phases of their development -- at the outset of their career, in 1972, when their self-titled debut album was still alerting discerning listeners to the sheer ambition and power of their presence; in 1976, by which time their original hyperactivity had settled down into a stock, but still exciting, formula; and in the early '80s, with the band reborn on the wings of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. There they were regarded with an awe and respect that had rarely come their way in earlier years, and Budgie responded with some of their heaviest (if not necessarily inventive) material yet, and three songs from a Friday Rock Show performance can still shatter speakers.

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