Sunday, July 3, 2016

Budgie - 1978 - Impeckable


01. Melt The Ice Away (3:33)
02. Love For You And Me (4:04)
03. All At Sea (4:21)
04. Dish It Up (4:21)
05. Pyramids (4:22)
06. Smile Boy Smile (4:31)
07. I'm A Faker Too (4:48)
08. Don't Go Away (4:56)
09. Don't Dilute The Water (6:12)

10. Smile Boy Smile (Single Edit) 3:35
11. Don't Dilute The Water (2008 Version) 4:20
12. All At Sea (2008 Version) 3:53

- Burke Shelley / bass, vocals
- Tony Bourge / guitar
- Steve Williams / drums, percussion, vocals

 In 1978 Budgie released another welcome album called ' Impeckable'. This album had some improvements in the production side of it, comparing say to Badolier in 1975 making for more quality in the overall sound. ' Melt The Ice The Way' kicks the album off, a pleasant enough middle of the road track, the usual tight and flawless arrangements. ' Love For You And me' has some great guitar work from Tony Bourge, Steve Williams providing excellent drumming too throughout Impeckable. This song though is definitely one of the highlights with some great echo on the vocals. ' All At Sea' is another strong slow jam but the follow on ' Dish It Up' is best described as rather weak and instantly forgettable. Some good old rock and roll is displayed on ' Smile Boy Smile'. The comparisons continue with late 70's/early 80's Wishbone Ash output. Another cleverly titled song ' Don't Dilute The Water' closes Impeckable with some great rock and Shelley back to his vocal highs but before that another mostly slow gem titled ' Don't Go Away'. This for the reviewer is a stronger album than Bandolier from 1975 and in summary a refreshing release for 1978.A good album for your collection.

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