Friday, July 1, 2016

Bloodrock - 1971 - Bloodrock U.S.A

Bloodrock U.S.A

01. It's A Sad World 4:23
02. Don't Eat The Children 3:15
03. Promises 3:09
04. Crazy Bout You Babe 2:39
05. Hangman's Dance 5:59
06. American Burn 3:56
07. Rock & Roll Candy Man 3:05
08. Abracadaver 4:09
09. Magic Man 7:11
Bonus Track
10. Erosion 2:44

Bass – Ed Grundy
Drums – Rick Cobb
Guitar – Nick Taylor
Keyboards – Steve Hill
Lead Guitar – Lee Pickens
Lead Vocals – Jim Rutledge

Producer – Bloodrock, John Palladino

Bloodrock's fourth album U.S.A. is nearly as good as the first three. The Guitars, Organ, and Vocals are all magic as usual, only the Songwriting in marginally weaker here. It's stall a utterly fantastic 1970s Hard Rock/Heavy Progressive Album by any standard. However this album has my favorite Bloodrock song. The astounding Don't Eat The Children which has some incredibly ballsy lyrics for the 1970s. And it's hard not to love a song called Abracadaver. Hangman's Dance also kicks. Of course it also has one of the most bitching album covers of all time too.

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