Friday, July 1, 2016

Bloodrock - 1970 - Bloodrock 2

Bloodrock 2

01. Lucky In The Morning 5:43
02. Cheater 6:43
03. Sable And Pearl 4:12
04. Fallin' 4:00
05. Children's Heritage 3:30
06. Dier Not A Lover 4:05
07. D.O.A. 8:25
08. Fancy Space Odyssey 5:06

Bass, Vocals – Eddie Grundy
Drums – Rick Cobb
Keyboards, Vocals – Stevie Hill
Lead Guitar – Lee Pickens
Lead Vocals – Jim Rutledge
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – Nick Taylor

Producer – Terry Knight

Under the heavy hand of ruthless manager and producer Terry Knight, Bloodrock returned in October of 1970 with their second full length studio recording from the year. The screamin' Texas five-piece followed-up their primal debut album with Bloodrock 2, which bleeds the controvercial "D.O.A.". The morbid, eight-minute plus "D.O.A." was edited for release as a single by Capitol Records, and despite the dark lyrics, managed to crack the pop-dominated Billboard Top Forty chart. Inspired by a fatal plane crash, the nightmarish "D.O.A." ambulance ride stands as Bloodrock's crowning achievement, although the song was banned by numerous radio stations from coast-to-coast. "Children's Heritage", the shortest track from Bloodrock 2, filled-out the B-side of the "D.O.A." single. While "D.O.A." garnered all of the attention, the metallic Bloodrock 2 packs on album opener "Lucky in the Morning", "Cheater" and "Fallin'". By the time the boys retunered to record Bloodrock 3, the well had run dry.

How in the hell Bloodrock didn't become one of the greatest bands of all time is totally beyond me. They ARE one of the greatest bands of all time. They were a Proto-Metal, Heavy Progressive Rock giant of a band. Jim Rutledge had one of the best Voices in any band of this type of the era. Ed Picken's and Nick Taylor's Guitars sting and burn gloriously. Steve Hills stabbing swirling Organ adds another layer of heaviness and the bottom end is simply rock solid. And Bloodrock's songs are dark themed and beautifully lyrical, they should have been huge, instead the couldn't even outsell their labelmates and main competition, Grand Funk Railroad. It's really too bad. Bloodrock 2 is easily their masterpiece and had their greatest song in the dark Progressive Rock epic D.O.A.



  2. Lee Pickens Lead guitar, Ed Grundy Bass, for correction on Ed Pickens:). Agreed, great band that only after 35 plus years is getting their due.
    They had everything a rock band could want -- great front man,searing lead guitarist, jazzy rhythm section and added bonus of the song writing of John Nitzinger. Rick Cobb the drummer stated when he first joined the band thought "nothing was going to stop them". Only themselves as it turned out. As great as "2" is, I thought Bloodrock USA was their masterpiece.