Thursday, July 14, 2016

Alquin - 1976 - The Best Kept Secret

The Best Kept Secret

01. Fool In The Mirror (8:20)
 a) Sham Fight
 b) Stars End
02. Central Station Hustle (4:59)
03. L.A. Rendez-vous (4:39)
04. High Rockin' (5:27)
05. One More Night (8:59)
 a) Bootleg Ballet
 b) Laserlight
 c) Back To The Losing End
06. Take any road (5:48)

- Ferdinand Bakker / guitar, piano, vocals
- Ronald Ottenhoff / saxophone, flute
- Dick Franssen / organ, piano, wurlizter
- Michel van Dijk / vocals
- Jan Visser / bass
- Job Tarenskeen / drums, percussion, vocals

Guest musicians:
- Steve Gregory / horns (1)
- Buddy Beadle / horns (1)
- Martin Droner / horns (1)
- Geoff Wright / horns (1)

Only about half of this album could be considered "prog", but the whole album has a high degree of musicianship. The centrepiece of this album is "One More Night", which is most certainly "prog". The jazz influences, enhanced by their use of brass, are very obvious. They had also been listening to some of the other 70s jazz/rock/funk crossover bands, and the influences are easily heard. Alquin were a great live band (particularly in their early days), and I was privileged to see them live several times.
It's a good album, played by great musicians, but is obviously from a band in transition to other genres.

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